Women who touch the heart of God

I remember very well that that was one of the first promises my wife taught our daughters. I know that most of you know that this is the story of the prophet Samuel, but the interesting thing is that the promise was fulfilled through a brave woman named Hannah.

Faith to Conquer the Impossible

In one of the moments of greatest crisis in the nation of Israel, God chose someone to do things that others would not dare to do, and that was Gideon.

How to hear God’s voice

Many years ago, my wife would always ask me how I hear God’s voice. When I would tell her that God had spoken to me, she had many questions: Is it audible? Is it an internal or outside voice? When did it happen?

Todo empieza con Jesús

Estas a punto de iniciar el momento de mayor bendición en tu vida y quiero guiarte a que conoscas de Jesús, te enviare un paso a paso de como iniciar una amistad con Él. ¡EMPECEMOS
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