“Then I will raise up for Myself a faithful priest who shall do according to what is in My heart and in My mind. I will build him a sure house, and he shall walk before My anointed forever.” (1 Sam 2:35)

I remember very well that that was one of the first promises my wife taught our daughters. I know that most of you know that this is the story of the prophet Samuel, but the interesting thing is that the promise was fulfilled through a brave woman named Hannah.

When we study her story, we can understand how a woman can touch the heart of the Father. Hannah did not have it easy at all; although her husband loved her, she could not have children, and she had a rival who could have them and afflicted her for this. Hannah lived with a daily weight that made everything else lose its shine, and although her husband made an effort to support her, nothing he did could meet her needs.

Have you felt the same as Hannah? Perhaps the Lord has surrounded you with some blessings, but something specific brings affliction to your life and does not let you feel fulfilled. It could be a child who strayed from the faith, a bad relationship experience, health afflictions, or great financial pressures.

Hannah understood that she could not continue in the same way and decided to act. When I say act, I don’t mean doing things in our strength; Hannah knew that only the power of prayer could answer her needs.

A woman who touches the heart of God has given herself completely to prayer.

It’s time to stop looking for answers in the wrong places and understand that through prayer, we can unleash the power of God in our lives and change how things look.

Women worldwide have become tremendous intercessors and a wall that has shielded church families. If you do not practice prayer, I invite you to do so from today; while you take care of this, the Lord will respond to your requests.

The second virtue that Hannah had, which made her a woman who touched the heart of God, was her genuine desire to raise generations for the Lord. This is not only spoken at the family level but also at the ministerial level.

Notice that Hannah cried out for Samuel, but to consecrate him before God and dedicate him to the work of the ministry. This resulted in Samuel becoming one of the most important and influential prophets of the Old Testament, so much that he was in charge of bringing spiritual direction to the entire nation of Israel until the day he died.

Can you imagine what would have happened if Hannah had not had this passion for raising generations? If you remember the story, you know that at that time, a priest named Eli had lost his vision and the ability to give direction. Very surely, the people would have gone to do evil in the eyes of God, bringing judgment to the entire nation.

The intercession and longing of a woman’s heart made the difference.

Women have the divine gift of giving life in the natural and the spiritual, and at this time, God has also called them to the field of leadership, but all this begins with a dream, with a genuine desire to give birth to generations that serve God.

Dear woman, I know that perhaps these times have not been the simplest, but I would like to invite you to pour out your heart in prayer daily, and challenge you to raise a ministry that glorifies the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, while you do it you will begin to feel the fullness that you have been looking for so much.

There is nothing more rewarding than serving God.

I want to end this blog by thanking you because I know you all do valuable work in your churches, communities, and families. And perhaps if they have often felt that no one notices it, the Lord has seen it, and the reward will come from Him.

May the Lord bless you on this special day with the love of the Father, the mercy of the Son, and the Power of the Holy Spirit.