There is no doubt that the greatest blessing the Lord has given me, after Salvation, is my beloved wife Emma Claudia. She has been a wall of faith for our family, a visionary woman, and a woman who has dignified the role of women in the church and society.

Recently, I was reminiscing about some thoughts she wrote about what God can do through a woman, and I would like to share them with you today. I know they will speak to your life.

Making her feel loved. The greatest struggle a woman often faces is with herself; it’s hard for them to forgive themselves and receive God’s unconditional love. The Lord has endowed women with a special sensitivity that makes their nature need affection, words of affirmation, and love. But circumstances often lead them to believe they are not loved.

If you are a man of God, I would like to recommend that you not be harsh with women. Men should provide affection, stability, and provision. And to all the women who may be reading this blog, I would like to recommend that you could have intimate times with the Lord; from Him flows the greatest love.

Freeing her from fear. Fear is another great enemy that women face, but when they receive that true love from the Father, all fear leaves. Every woman has an anointing to do business, run a company, take care of the home, and be in ministry, but many do not take the step because of the great fears they have allowed in their hearts.

Dear woman, let me tell you that God loves you and He will support you. I know that sometimes many difficult situations want to steal your faith, but do not lose that “oil” that the Lord has given you; take the hand of the Lord and conquer everything He has for you.

Leading her to conquer the supernatural. Throughout the Word, God shows us the supernatural way in which women can be used. Hannah conquered a miracle that seemed impossible, when her husband had not been able to help her yet. Deborah rose as a judge in Israel when men lacked courage. Many widows supported prophets when there was strong persecution within the people of God, etc.

Beloved woman, if you are reading this message, I would like to tell you that God also wants to raise you up to magnify His Kingdom. The Lord has a calling for your life, and you can do great things for Him if you believe with all your heart.

I would like to end this blog by honoring my wife, my daughters, every pastor, leader, and servant of the church because each one is valuable and important, and we know that, for the glory of God, thanks to them we have been able to fulfill the calling.

With all my heart, I pray that God blesses and multiplies every woman, and that the richest blessings in Christ Jesus may reach them.

Happy International Women’s Day.
César Castellanos